Sunday, July 3, 2016

I'm Back

After being away from second life for about 2 years, I find myself logging in and wondering "Am I back for good?" I start to think of all the wonderful and not so wonderful times I have had on my adventures and I can honestly say Yes, I am back. All the good out weights the bad for me and the one thing that I wish I never gave up was blogging - It really does have an enjoyment in my everyday life and I miss it dearly. So after all this time I can not wait to fall back in love with all of the new creation that second life has to offer. I do wish to touch ground with some of my favorite designers and old sponsors. I hope you all give me another chance to bring your creations to life through my eyes and styles. Also want to say I miss all my little sunshine and lovies, I hope to give you the readers the same enjoyment I have when I post. -- See you soon with my first post :) 

P.s. Most of my old blog post are still posted -- Sorry if any Landmarks are outdated it has been 2 years.